Max. speed, km/h
Max. distance, km
Peak power, W
0 А

Motor 10.080 W

The motor technology is similar to Model X motors. 60mm magnets. High quality magnets. High-section pure copper winding. V-shaped rims for easy tire changes.


Self-developed 30 mosfets controller. Artificial intellegence system, powerful processor with increased efficiency. Mosfets - which are used in the military industry, have an increased margin of safety and withstand extreme conditions. High quality capacitors and nice design.

High quality MOSFETS

Using in military industry and meet all the requirements for working in extreme conditions


The controller is designed to work with high voltage batteries. The maximum voltage is 84V.

120 A

Powerful enough to reach 110km/h

Protection levels

If the temperature of the inner parts of your controller exceed 80 °C the controller will stop to give the power for 15-30 minutes to reduce the temperature. It helps to save the controller from overheating.

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72V battery

The capacity of 40 Ah allows you to drive up to 160 kilometers on a single charge

Battery cells brackets

Each cell is in a plastic braclet, which provides better cooling and reduces the possibility of cell damage

Battery brands

We cooperate only with high-quality battery manufacturers - LG/Samsung/LS


Controls the voltage of each group, thereby protecting the batteries from overcharging and failure.


Our scooters are equipped with self-made displays with a wide range of settings and thumb throttle Ergonomic grips will not let your hand slip off.


The Fobos scooter handlebars has control buttons which are responsible for: main light, horn, turn signals, etc.

Main light and horn

You can always turn on the main light or use the hort in order to make your ride safe

Single/Dual mode

You can turn on/off the front motor

Android/iOS APP allows you to check your scooter location, lock/unlock the scooter, activate the horn, check the riding statistics (distance, time, average speed, etc.)
Fobos Electric Scooters
Fobos Electric Scooters
Developer: Fobos Motors
Price: Free

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Powerful front light

The Model X Mini is equipped with a bright and high-quality front LED light which can be turned off by the handlebars' button.


Two hydraulic brakes calipers+electric brakes system.

Brake levers

Control your braking effortlessly

Brake disc

The 160 mm high quality steel brake disc


We use NUTT hydraulic brakes in Model X


Fobos scooters have 5A charger as standard and optional 10A charger


Adjustable damper is included. It is an indispensable assistant at high speeds, excluding wobbles.

Turn signals

Tubeless 11 inches wide tyres

Changeable suspension cartridges

Reliable folding system

Reliable kick-stand